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The dates for the 2016 San Diego Pottery Tour are December 3th and 4th from 9am to 4pm. The 9th annual tour is FREE and open to the public. The San Diego Pottery Tour is a cooperative effort by a group of potters in San Diego to help promote the ceramic arts through an annual tour that takes place in early December each year. Starting with only three potters the first year, the 2016 Pottery Tour features 9 studio locations around San Diego, with more than 30 potters presenting new work in clay during the weekend. There are 6 new potters for 2016. We hope you can visit all the studios!

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The group of potters who comprise the San Diego Pottery Tour maintain their own individual mailing lists of their customers to keep them appraised of their events and exhibitions. The San Diego Pottery Tour organizers cannot control the individual use of the individual artist's or studio's mailing lists, but these lists are usually kept private and not given out or sold for other uses. Please ask at each studio about privacy issues with their unique mailing list if you have concerns.
All sales are strictly between the studio location or artist and the buyer. The San Diego Pottery Tour is not involved in any direct sales of work as a group or corporate entity.

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