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The 15th SD Pottery Tour is December 3 & 4, 2022
in-person, and online!
9 to 4 each day!

Please be safe - WEAR A MASK!
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Check each artist's page for details.
Feel free to contact the potters anytime!


photos of potttery tour participants photos of potttery tour participants

Handmade Pottery! Open studios again!

If you're interested in beautiful handmade pottery by San Diego's best potters, please contact the artists individually all year long, as they all have work available at a venue in
San Diego or their studio or online.

For 2022 the Tour is hybrid: IN-PERSON and online.
Go to the MAP page for directions to each studio.
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photos of potttery tour participants photos of potttery tour participants

Potters on the 2022 Tour:

Click names to see their work, online webshop, and in-person
studio tour location:
  Juli Bear,  Pierre Bounaud,   Richard Burkett,   Clay Associates (7: Bakley, Cosimini, Craig, Lussier, Noble, Thiebolt, Woods),
Nan Coffin, Isauro Elizando
Ellen Fager
,  Jeremy Gercke,   Bernie James,   Roberta Klein
Merle Lambeth, Norm Lurie,   Kathy Long,   Lisa Maher
Janet Martini, Hasuyo Miller,   Ron Milligan James O'Brien,  
Mike Ridge, Harriet Sherry,   Amy Threefoot Valeiras,

Geraldine Vergnetand Lynn Zimmer

 NOTE: open studio for David and Mary Cuzick is Dec. 10

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See the News Media page to view larger images of all the potters - or click here.

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